An Entertaining & Educational Web Series – Coming 2015

Documentaries have a long and distinguished record of presenting History to the world.  But often, the most fascinating stories come from the unseen heroes.

They were witnesses to history, but have been lost to time.  They were there on the heels of legends, when the fate of the world hung by a thread.  Their stories weave the fabric of our culture.  Only from their unique perspective can we examine peasants and princes, plutocrats and proletarians with complete equality.  Who are these unsung footnotes to history?


Yes, the humble stocking, ’til now ignored by historical documentaries.  But for the first time, and through the universal medium of the World Wide Web, we will see the past from their point of view…

  • What would the Founding Fathers’ socks literally say about them?  If they were sewn in England, could George Washington’s socks still have respect for him?  Or would they see him as a traitor to the Crown?
  • What clues did Amelia Earhart leave in her dresser before departing on her final flight?
  • Was Albert Einstein’s original theory of relativity erased by the Mafia?  How quickly was the father of physics able to think on his feet?
  • What calamity kept Buzz Aldrin’s sock from being the first on the Moon?

The answers to these and many other vital questions await you in Footnotes: A Sockumentary.

Join us in 2015 for a ridiculous look at history from the perspective of these unsung heroes, as told through interviews with sock puppets.

Each episode explores a unique perspective of a historical figure or event.  The primary goal of the series is to encourage young minds to consider and understand the world from new perspectives.  Footnotes is not intended to be a stand-alone product, but a catalyst for the exploration of new ideas.

Topics (and humor) will be based on curriculum and appropriate for grades three, four, and five.  Each episode will be a brief 3.5 minutes long, perfect for online viewing by young, modern audiences, and will be structured in blocks of three episodes focused on a common theme.

Filmed as a parody of an in-studio, three-camera television interview, our earnest human host, Robert Hosiery, will explore a variety of scripted topics with each sock puppet guest.  Though the sock character is fictional, the information presented is real.  The historical figures discussed will be drawn from fields of interest and educational value to children, and the stories will be illustrated with animation, re-enactments, and manipulated historical footage.


Footnotes: A Sockumentary is a production of Good.Bye Films, in partnership with American University School of Communication and funded in part by the Mister Rogers Memorial Scholarship administered by the Television Academy Foundation.

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