Happy Birthday Sandra Day O’Connor!

Retired Justice Sandra Day O’Connor celebrates her 85th birthday today.  She’s most notably known for being the first woman appointed to the U.S. Supreme Court.  But we’ve learned1 of another accomplishment: she is the first2 Justice to dated another Justice.  While in law school she and William Rehnquist had a short relationship.

1. From a pair of bobby socks she wore while at Stanford Law
2. That we know of. Justices Alito and Scalia’s socks response was “no comment.”

Something In My Shoe Today

Originally posted on PrairieChat:


There’s something poking my foot today
It’s been bugging me all day long.
Not big enough to cause dismay,
Just enough to feel it’s wrong.

I have on shoes I seldom wear
Cause I’m dressed up for a meeting.
Lucky for me they are easy care
And slip off with no one seeing.

I rub my foot on my other shoe
In hopes this stops the jabbing.
Next I twist the shoe for a quick review,
To end the persistent stabbing.

Alas there’s trouble with my sock today
Cause there was nothing in the shoe.
I pull and twist my leg in lithe ballet
Seeking a better view.

Drat, it must be in my sock today
Deep inside the cotton fleecing.
I plot my move to slip away
To turn it inside out for shaking.

I’m feeling so much better now
The irksome itch has departed.
For when I shook…

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.thE dilemmA

Originally posted on Ann Marie.writes:

It was a morning as any other.

It was too early for there to be a normal light and too late for it to be a night. So if you would focus, if you were careful enough, you would start seeing pairs everywhere. Light and darkness. Day and night. Sun and moon. Positive and negative. There are opposites for pretty much everything. Ranging from colours, to the emotions, and then to personalities of people. All around the world, through our solar system, the galaxy, heck even in the universe, you will find pairs that either compliment or oppose each other. That pretty much meant that somewhere is –and must be- the now-invisible-pair of the blue-white-dot sock that I was holding in my hand…

To be honest, for a while I truly believed that I solved the Great Sock Mystery. For a while. I bought several pairs of the same coloured…

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Happy Birthday Harry Houdini!


Born Erik Weisz, Harry would be 141 years old today.  But the famous illusionist couldn’t escape death, which came on Halloween 1926.  Nothing could hold the great escape artist, including tanks of water, milk jugs, handcuffs, or coffins.

But did you know that he has had a sock named after him?  The Houdini sock is a special knitting technique that encloses the sock with no way in or out!  If you’d like to knit a pair of your own, you can find the pattern and description here.