The Lincoln Library’s Dirty Laundry

Oh, the stories these stockings could tell.  From the Lincoln Library’s official Tumblr page:

“Like the famously flashy artifacts that attract visitors from around the world, one lowly pair of socks teaches us just as much about American history. By studying Lincoln’s handwriting, experts can conclude something about the man’s character. By studying an unnamed young woman’s bridal hosiery, we can also conclude something about her character. Are the socks well cared for? Are there rips, or holes, and if so, were they mended? If they were mended, perhaps the owner couldn’t afford new ones. Perhaps there is a lesson in conscious consumer responsibility here. Alternatively, what kinds of materials were used in making socks in 1835? Are the socks plain, or do they have embroidered patterns? What does this tell us about fashion trends of the day?”

Thank you Abraham Lincoln Presidential Library & Museum for recognizing that socks have important stories to tell about history.