Friday the 13th – AGAIN!

Friday the 13th in two consecutive months – what are the odds?  Well, it’s 11%.  It happened in 2009, but won’t come around again for another eleven years.  This isn’t the last one of 2015.  November 13 also happens to fall on a Friday.  But don’t worry, we can’t ever have more than three in one year.  Find out more at

Little is known about why Friday the 13th is considered unlucky.  Some believe it started in the Middle Ages as an allusion to the Last Supper (Jesus plus his 12 disciples).  Though, it’s likely it began in the early 20th Century.

Twenty-third President Benjamin Harrison,1 suffragist Susan B. Anthony,2 and Scopes monkey trial lawyer Clarence Darrow3 all died on March 13th.  Though, none occurred on Fridays.

1. 1907, aged 67
2. 1906, aged 86 
3. 1938, aged 80