Fred McFeely Rogers

Bits and Pieces

Did you know that Fred McFeely Rogers was born today in 1928? Fred Rogers was a songwriter, author, educator, and television host. He is best known for creating and hosting the children’s television show “Mister Rogers’ Neighborhood”. The popular show started in 1968. There are 895 episodes! Each episode started the same way: Mister Rogers came home, and while singing the song “Won’t You Be My Neighbor” he changed in to sneakers and a sweater.

Does this remind you of a character named ‘Daniel Tiger’? Daniel Tiger and many of his friends were created by Fred Rogers and were part of “Mister Roger’s Neighborhood”. They continue to help children learn, grow, and be happy.

We hope that you have a cheerful day. Remember to think kind thoughts, use kind words and do kind things. We Love You.

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