Crab Shell Socks

From the Juneau Empire:

“Most people have heard of the beneficial qualities of fish oil but few have heard of a Band-Aid made from crab shells. The potential uses for seafood byproducts are numerous and range from salmon leather shoes to stem cell research.

“Kasberg is starting modestly. The first items for sale from Tidal Vision will include salmon leather wallets, purses and belts, along with clothing made from crab shells. Chitosan, the useful element created from shells and woven into fiber, inhibits bacterial growth and absorbs sweat, effectively preventing odor.

“Imagine wearing crab shell socks.”


Fred McFeely Rogers

Bits and Pieces

Did you know that Fred McFeely Rogers was born today in 1928? Fred Rogers was a songwriter, author, educator, and television host. He is best known for creating and hosting the children’s television show “Mister Rogers’ Neighborhood”. The popular show started in 1968. There are 895 episodes! Each episode started the same way: Mister Rogers came home, and while singing the song “Won’t You Be My Neighbor” he changed in to sneakers and a sweater.

Does this remind you of a character named ‘Daniel Tiger’? Daniel Tiger and many of his friends were created by Fred Rogers and were part of “Mister Roger’s Neighborhood”. They continue to help children learn, grow, and be happy.

We hope that you have a cheerful day. Remember to think kind thoughts, use kind words and do kind things. We Love You.

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According to Google: Fluffy socks = better technology

As Google attempts to take over the sky and provide wireless internet via balloons, they’ve found that engineers’ socks are important.

From Yahoo:
“…Google X engineers had to deal with persistent leaks in the polyethylene of the balloons. ‘We were so desperate that we ended up doing a detailed study about the fluffiness of the socks of the techs who did the balloons,’ Teller said, because they had to walk on the balloons when they were assembling them. And it mattered; when techs wore fluffier socks, they had fewer balloon leaks.”

Read more about Google’s diabolical efforts at Yahoo.

National Poultry Day

“For the Truth the Turkey is in Comparison a much more respectable Bird,
and withal a true original Native of America…
He is besides, though a little vain & silly, a Bird of Courage,
and would not hesitate to attack a Grenadier of the British Guards
who should presume to invade his Farm Yard with a red Coat on.”
-Benjamin Franklin

March 19 is National Poultry Day.  And if Ben Franklin has gotten his way, the United States’ national bird would be included.  However, Ben’s feelings were less about the turkey and more about the Bald Eagle.

In the late 1770s, as the Constitution was being drafted and the nation was being founded, Ben was part of a committee to design the National Seal.  But, like most committee matters, no one could come to an agreement.  Ben just didn’t like the bald eagle and felt that nearly any other bird, including the native wild turkey, was a more fitting image for the young, upstart nation.  You can read the whole story in a great article over at Slate.

And don’t forget to flaunt your fine-feathered-friend socks.

Thinking around the sock monster

Krazjim's Leadership Blog

“Could the garment and appliance industries be in cahoots together, creating an artificial sock demand to keep us buying?” ~Tom Bodett

The legendary sock-monster is a source of much debate and mystery.  Where does the other sock go?  You put 3 pairs of socks in a load of laundry, and you get back 3 single socks, none matching one another.  I found a way around this conundrum.  Buy a 6-pack of identical socks, and at least when you wash them, you can pair up the 6 individual ones to make 3 pairs!  The sock-monster is a force of nature – you can’t beat it, but you might be able to think around it to your satisfaction.

As leaders, when you have team members come up against a force of nature, or a given set of circumstances that cannot be changed, encourage them to think outside the box.  You may be…

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The Hand That Moves Me


Here’s a poem about a well-known person, from the perspective of another . . .

It goes something like this . . .

The Hand that Moves Me

He made me not in his image
For his skin was not green
But my voice was his voice
His fingers my expression

He made me from a discarded coat and
Ping pong balls when he was fifteen
I shake my head now, realizing
I’m older than he would ever be

He took to TV with a gang of felt misfits
Painting numbers and ideas on the screen
A once-dying program suddenly
becoming a Street unending

He made me bold, to mask his shyness
What he could not say, I was always keen
So much felt came to life by his hands
A creature shop came to be, where

He made amphibian, barnyard expats and rats
Uninhibited vegetables and fruit were routine

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