Happy Birthday Harry Houdini!


Born Erik Weisz, Harry would be 141 years old today.  But the famous illusionist couldn’t escape death, which came on Halloween 1926.  Nothing could hold the great escape artist, including tanks of water, milk jugs, handcuffs, or coffins.

But did you know that he has had a sock named after him?  The Houdini sock is a special knitting technique that encloses the sock with no way in or out!  If you’d like to knit a pair of your own, you can find the pattern and description here. 


The Secret (Socks)


I know there’s a book called The Secret out there. Please tell me it’s about how to wear, and keep in place, secret socks.

Seriously, there is more to the secret of these little fabric foot pouches that simply not seeing them when wearing shoes. Although, and I kid you not, I have seen somebody wearing them with sandals. Best not go there.

Today I’ve got a pair on my feet. I won’t say I’m wearing them, because while they are on my person, they are shifting around in my shoes, moving towards my toes where they will bunch up and have me grinding my teeth within the hour.

I don’t even know which way round they go, as in do I have the heel part over my toes, or vice versa? For crying in a bucket, how difficult can it be to put them.  I’m an adult for goodness sake, you’d…

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The Sock Thief

221b Banter Street

I don’t like to over exaggerate, but I think it’s an understatement to refer to “the curious case of missing socks” as anything less than a worldwide pandemic. My hate for the ghost of the sock drawer has always been pretty high, but over the last three weeks he (men always steal so it has to be a man) has messed with my head too much and it’s time I acted… by blogging about it.

Being efficient with my budget I set out to the “shop of dreams” (Primark) and invested in 7 pairs of socks, but these socks were no ordinary socks, they had the days of the week on them! That way I thought I would never be out of socks and I could plan my daily foot warmers efficiently and effectively.

Monday: I wore my Monday socks. Put them in the wash.
Tuesday: I wore my Tuesday…

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Crab Shell Socks

From the Juneau Empire:

“Most people have heard of the beneficial qualities of fish oil but few have heard of a Band-Aid made from crab shells. The potential uses for seafood byproducts are numerous and range from salmon leather shoes to stem cell research.

“Kasberg is starting modestly. The first items for sale from Tidal Vision will include salmon leather wallets, purses and belts, along with clothing made from crab shells. Chitosan, the useful element created from shells and woven into fiber, inhibits bacterial growth and absorbs sweat, effectively preventing odor.

“Imagine wearing crab shell socks.”