Dead On My Feet

Canadian Gift Guide

Soxfords Zombie Survival KitWhat It Is: I suppose first I ought to introduce the brand – Soxfords – which specializes in high quality, quirky socks for the professional male (and woman, surprisingly). The particular gift idea you see up above is one of their ever-changing gift set combinations, themed to those who love all things zombies. You’ll nab a dashing pair of lilac-hued socks emblazoned with zombie embroidery and the words ‘Brains Please’ at the toes. To top it off, you’ll also get a fun collection of indie zombie short films to watch, a handy zombie survival guide, a combat survival kit, and a tasty bag of gummy brains to prepare yourself for the reality of becoming a zombie. This is one of a few gift sets offered by Soxfords so if you’re shopping for a sock lover, look no further.

Who It’s For: Your snappy dressing coworker, to add to their collection…

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