Stupidity And Madness

I lost a sock sometime last year
Which caused some consternation
I guess it longed to be alone
And sought some isolation.
The next day after this though
My problem ceased to be
When the sock that was left behind
Chose it would also flee.

This seemed to solve the issue
I have more space, moreover
Loneliness no more abounds
With no odd socks left over.

And then about a month ago
When I thought such was banished
My sock drawer took a holiday
When in the night it vanished.
The subsequent day to this one
Somewhat predictably
My other chest of drawers left me
Quite inexplicably.

So while it grieved me much today
To wake and find out that
I no longer had my bedroom
Where I once slept and sat.
It’s fair to say I’m fretting more
Of the potential sorrow
Of what I’ll lose when something will

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