Happy Birthday Superman!

It’s a bird!  It’s a plane!  It’s a man in spandex and underwear leaping over tall buildings in a single bound!

On April 18, 1938 the first issue of “Action Comics” was published.  This also marked the first appearance of Superman and launched the superhero comic genre.

Action Comics 1.jpgRaid your grandma’s attic, because Action Comics #1 is considered the most valuable comic of all time.  In 2014, a copy sold for over Three Million Dollars!

Though Action Comics #1 is the the introduction to Superman as we know him, including his backstory of being sent to Earth as a baby and fighting for truth and justice, this wasn’t the first time that creators Jerry Siegel and Joe Shuster attempted to tell a story of a “superman” with extreme powers.  In the short story “The Reign of the Superman” the titular character is actually a super villain with telepathic powers bent on ruling the world.

We’re glad Siegel and Shuster had a change of heart.  Otherwise, we may not have socks with capes today.