The Red Coats (and Sox) Are Coming!

Two Hundred and Forty years ago today Paul Revere made history with his “Midnight Ride” from Boston to Lexington and Concord.  Yet, few know that the ride nearly didn’t happen.  And it was because Paul couldn’t find his socks – well, his left sock to be precise.  From his diary:

“…twas dozing in a peaceful slumber, my bare feete warmed by the crackling fire, when I receiv’d word from Joe1 that the Red Coats had taken to march.  Springing to my feet, I dress’d hurredly but was halted by the absense of a stocking…”

Paul goes on to explain that, after enlisting his wife, children, and a servant to help search, he was finally left with the only option of borrowing his wife’s sock, described as “being of a rose hue with a sort of lace and frill.”  But if it weren’t for that pink sock, we may still be subjects of Her Majesty.

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1. Dr. Joseph Warren, President of the Massachusetts Provincial Congress