Sock Stories for National Lost Sock Memorial Day


Sock Stories1Where do socks go when they fail to show?  If the lost sock could talk would it tell us where it walked?  Why do they get lost by themselves, never in pairs?  Why is the lost sock always from the pair you wanted to wear?  Why, oh why, do socks like to strike out on their own?  May 9 is National Lost Sock Memorial Day!  Remember favorite missing footwear and read some stories about socks. –Ginny W.

Have You Seen My New Blue Socks? by Eve Bunting When Duck loses his pair of brand new blue socks he asks Mr. Fox and Mr. Ox  and his friends the Peacocks if they have seen them.  Then Duck makes a happy discovery.

Duck Sock Hop by Jane Kohuth Dancing ducks and decorated socks meet once a week for a wild sock hop.  And when the dance ends and the socks…

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In Memory of Those We’ve Lost

For obvious reasons, we chose not to celebrate yesterday’s holiday.  But today cannot be ignored.  Today we pay honor to all those who have been lost in action.  Today is Lost Sock Memorial Day.

Socks are ignored, unappreciated, and taken for granted.  They are walked on day after day.  And yet, we only take notice when they disappear.  So, let’s all take a moment of silence to show respect for both those we’ve lost and those that have been left behind.

Thankfully, the United States government has recognized the need for search and rescue of lost socks.  Our friends at detail the history of the Bureau of Missing Socks:

Most people are surprised to learn that the Bureau of Missing Socks began as a company in the Union Army during the Civil War in the States of America. It was formed on August 1st, 1861. The name of the founder was Joseph Smithson and he was a haberdasher by trade but quite a bad soldier. He was therefore put in full and complete charge of socks of the enlisted men and officers. also provides “5 Fast Facts You Need to Know” about Lost Sock Memorial Day.

Thank you, socks, for all that you do!  We’ll never forget.