The Underestimation of Socks


Sock (n.)- 1. a garment that is worn around the foot and lower leg that provides comfort and prevents the feet from unwanted odors and bacteria.

I believe socks are highly underestimated. Being just a small piece of cotton, wool, or nylon, we often fail to remember their importance in our lives. What fascinates me is their versatility and the fact that we all need them.

I really do believe that socks are one of the best inventions, thanks to the Ancient Greeks and Romans from the 8th century BC. Socks come in all diffecurrent-situation-cozy-socks-tea-bed.-@themoptoprent types of colors, shapes, and materials and are used for different purposes. For instance, low-cut compression socks are for your everyday athletes, black socks that come up to the low shin are for adults who work in offices, and knee-high knit socks are typically worn for lazy days in bed and a cup of tea (hint: Tumblr).

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