Have you ever wanted to interview a sock?

FOOTNOTES: A Sockumentary is holding auditions in Washington, DC and we’re looking for some talented and funny actors.

Elizabeth (or maybe Robert) Hosiery is the show’s intrepid host and the lone human character. S/He’s easily confused, never seems to be able to find a pen that works, and frequently doesn’t realize that the show has started. S/He never allows her/his cluelessness to diminish her/his confidence. But despite being a bit of a clown, s/he is usually the straight wo/man for the sock puppets.

If you’re in the DC area and are interested, let us know.

In Search of Lost Socks

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Where have we been?  You may have noticed the lack of posts for a few months.  Now, we could claim to be off in search of all of the lost socks.  But frankly, that’s too big of an adventure, even for us.

Instead, we’ve been enjoying the comfort of an air conditioned studio.  We’re still in the production process and are starting with screen tests.  But so far, we’re very excited to see the series come together. Hope you are too.

Stay tuned for further updates of FOOTNOTES: A Sockumentary.


Filming at the Betsy Ross House in Philadelphia, PA


Eric Brooks practices with a stand-in puppet.