Party Like It’s 1776

Happy Independence Day!  And what better place to spend it than at the birthplace of the original Stars and Stripes: Betsy Ross’ House in Philadelphia, PA.  If you’re in the Philly area, take a look for yourself.


FOOTNOTES: A Sockumentary traveled to the City of Brotherly Love to shoot footage of Betsy’s actual upholstery workshop in preparation for an episode of the web series.


According to Betsy’s grandson, she “made with her hands the first flag” of the United States.  Legend has it that General George Washington came to her in late spring 1776 to make the request.  What isn’t widely known is that the original design called for six-pointed stars.  Betsy showed that with a few quick snips of her shears, five points were faster and easier to make.


FOOTNOTES owes a lot of thanks to all of the folks at the Betsy Ross House, particularly Lisa Acker-Moulder and Connor Quach, as well as Historic Philadelphia’s Sandy Lloyd.




Have you ever wanted to interview a sock?

FOOTNOTES: A Sockumentary is holding auditions in Washington, DC and we’re looking for some talented and funny actors.

Elizabeth (or maybe Robert) Hosiery is the show’s intrepid host and the lone human character. S/He’s easily confused, never seems to be able to find a pen that works, and frequently doesn’t realize that the show has started. S/He never allows her/his cluelessness to diminish her/his confidence. But despite being a bit of a clown, s/he is usually the straight wo/man for the sock puppets.

If you’re in the DC area and are interested, let us know.

In Search of Lost Socks

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Where have we been?  You may have noticed the lack of posts for a few months.  Now, we could claim to be off in search of all of the lost socks.  But frankly, that’s too big of an adventure, even for us.

Instead, we’ve been enjoying the comfort of an air conditioned studio.  We’re still in the production process and are starting with screen tests.  But so far, we’re very excited to see the series come together. Hope you are too.

Stay tuned for further updates of FOOTNOTES: A Sockumentary.


Filming at the Betsy Ross House in Philadelphia, PA


Eric Brooks practices with a stand-in puppet.

Oh Say Can You See

Happy Flag Day!  For our international friends, on June 14, 1777, the new United States government passed the following resolution:

“That the flag of the thirteen United States shall be thirteen stripes of alternate red and white, with a union of thirteen stars of white on a blue field, representing the new constellation.”

Though we know that the current American flag with fifty stars was designed by a child,1 there’s a bit of mystery as to who created the first flag.  Sure, Betsy Ross gets the credit.  But the story of Washington visiting Ms. Ross and requesting that she sew a flag only came to light after her death, when her grandson related the tale.

Though we may not actually know how it started, we know where the flag has been.  From the US Capitol to the Moon.  From lapel pins…

to swimwear…

to pastries…

And now, to socks.

It’s been quite a journey.  Happy birthday American Flag!

1. And he only got a B-

Happy Birthday Frank OZ


The man, the myth, the legend – Frank Oz – celebrates his 72nd birthday today.

Oz was Jim Henson’s right-hand man from the beginning, helping to create some of the most memorable characters (as demonstrated above), as well as Star Wars’ Yoda.

But Oz has gone on to build a second, and highly accomplished, career as a film director.  Just check out his credits.

So thanks, Frank, for bring us so much joy and inspiration!

And if you’d like to show your love for Oz, consider sporting some character socks.


Stance Yoda socks.


Animal socks.


Cookie Monster socks.


Fozzie Bear socks (waka waka).


Bert socks.


Miss Piggy socks.

And, of course…


Super Grover socks, via