One Small Step for a Sock

Forty-six years ago today the first humans landed on the moon.  Buzzfeed may have the scoop on how the moon walk was filmed.  But, we have firsthand (or foot) knowledge of the historic event.

I received no special training, however I went through an additional fire-prevention treatment to supplement the naturally resistant characteristics of my Nome fibers.

I was assigned as the primary left sock of mission commander, Astronaut Neil Armstrong.

However, during the preparations for the lunar E.V.A. it was discovered that Astronaut Aldrin’s socks (both primary and reserve) had been left behind on Earth.

Upon discovery, the astronauts consulted with Mission Control in Houston and it was decided that Astronaut Armstrong would give his primary socks to Buzz Aldrin.  And so, Astronaut Armstrong’s back-up socks became the first socks on the moon, and I followed shortly afterward with Astronaut Aldrin.

But I’m not bitter.

Excerpt from the official statement given by Neil Armstrong’s sock.