Welcome home Chernushka


On March 9, 1961, Chernushka became one of the first K9 cosmonauts to return safely from orbit.  She made her journey aboard Sputnik 9 with a dummy named Ivan Ivaonvich, as well as mice and a guinea pig.  Ivan received an commendation.  Chernushka did not.

PBS’s Martha Speaks offers a historically accurate simulation of the mission in a browser game in which you can collect socks in space.

Martha Speaks

Thanks Norman

Big ‘THANK YOU’ to friend of Footnotes, Norman Stiles for his help and guidance.

Among many other credits, Norman was the head writer for Sesame Street for over twenty years.  As well, he produced the popular PBS show Between the Lions, which promoted literacy.

Norman is now developing a web series for new parents: Baby & Toddler Parenthood News Network.  You can read his article about it at Kidscreen.

There’s also an interview with Norman at Tough Pigs, the Muppets fan site.

Mr. Rogers Memorial Scholarship

Footnotes: A Sockumentary is funded in part by the Mister Rogers Memorial Scholarship.  We are honored to be associated with such an amazing person who had a tremendous impact on children’s television.  His gentle, honest, and imaginative program touched children’s lives for over 40 years.

The scholarship supports students pursuing children’s media projects by providing funding and professional guidance.  The deadline is February 8, 2015.